SCC Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. How do I become a member of the SCC at the local school?
A. To formally become a member, you will need to allow your name to stand at the SCC election held at the Annual General Meeting of your SCC in April. To get the date for this meeting, contact the school office in March. Many parents and community members work informally with their SCC as well – your SCC holds regular meetings and everyone is welcome – come down and get involved! 

2. Q. What is involved in being a SCC member?
A. Most SCCs have monthly (evening) meetings where they discuss ways of helping local children to achieve at a higher level and collaborate with school staff members to make the school a great place for everyone. SCC members can often be found at school assisting students and teachers during the day as well when they can get away from other jobs. SCC members work with the school staff to set goals for improving student outcomes, and then work alongside staff to make these goals a reality. The SCC is the link between the school and the community, and members play an important role bringing the wishes of the community to the school at the local level and the Board of Education at the division level. 

3. Q. How will I learn what to do as an SCC member?
A. Sun West sponsors an inservice session one evening in May, where members of many SCCs come together and learn about their roles. An important part of this evening is sharing with parents and community members from other schools, and learning about the great work happening elsewhere. Sun West also provides grant funds that SCCs can use to attend additional learning sessions in areas that are of interest to individual SCCs and SCC members. 

4. Q. What is the principal's role?
A. The principal is automatically a member of the SCC for their school. The principal acts as a resource person for the SCC, and works with them to align their work with the work of the school staff. Together with a teacher member, the principal acts as a liaison between the SCC and the school staff, communicating with each group about the work of the other. From time to time, the SCC and the school staff will meet together to plan and discuss initiatives, and the principal works with the SCC Chair to facilitate these meetings. 

5. Q. When our SCC has a great idea, how do we let others know?
A. If your idea connects to a change in school division policy, your SCC Chair can contact the Board of Education member for your area and ask for their help. If it is connected to school or school division procedures, a Superintendent of Education who works with school operations can assist. No matter what your idea is, we want to help – schools are great places for our students when parents and community members are engaged! Board of Education members and Superintendents will be at some of your SCC meetings anyway, but if you need us on a particular date, just let us know. 

6. Q. What are some neat things that SCCs have done in Sun West?
A. The list is a mile long – from anti-bullying initiatives, to reading with children, to graduation scholarships, to playground renewal, to math fairs, to pancake breakfasts, to teaching other parents about computers, to breakfast clubs.  Come get involved!